What is and how to squirt: female ejaculation

What is and how to squirt? Types of female sexual fluids. Differences between squirting and female ejaculation. G-spot and clitoris stimulation.

What is BDSM?

What is BDSM? Bondage, Domination and other sexual practices

What is BDSM? What is Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission and Sadomaso? Consensus and safety in these alternative sexual practices.

Sex worker attorneys

Legal services provided by a lawyer to a sex worker

Legal services provided by a lawyer to a sex worker. Situations and cases in which lawyers advise, represent and help prostitutes.

Singles venues Barcelona

Barcelona singles venues: Snooker, Mirablau, Bing Bang Bar ...

Selection of the best Barcelona singles venues and bars for singles: Snooker, Mirablau, The George Payne, Le Noire, Alfa Bar, Bing Bang Bar, Duvet ...

Sex in luxury cars

Sex in luxury cars: sexual practices and positions

Sex in luxury cars. Tips for fucking in a car. Sexual practices and positions in a sports car: blowjobs, masturbation, 69, the amazon, the puppy ...

Yoga and Sexuality

Yoga and sex or how to improve sexuality with asanas

Relationship between Yoga and sex. Recommendation of asanas, sexual postures and Kundalini techniques to improve sexuality. Positions to increase libido.


Spitting or silver rain: saliva games in BDSM

Spitting or silver rain is a BDSM practice based on spitting on the partner. Meet these sex games in which saliva becomes a fetish.


Spanking: spanking the ass without and with BDSM sex toys

Spanking is a BDSM practice that consists of spanking the ass. These can be given by hand or with sex toys: shovel, whip, cane ...

Shibari Bondage

Shibari: Japanese bondage or the art of erotic bondage

Japanese Bondage is called Shibari. Like all erotic ties, it requires a type of strings and the use of a technique. Know the precautions to practice it.

Pornstar experience

Pornostar Experience: escorts who are porn actresses

The Porn Star Experience is an exclusive sexual service provided by luxury escorts and whores to those men who fantasize about fucking a porn actress.

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