Makeup on a luxury escort

Wednesday, 02 November 2022

A luxury companion lives largely on her image. That is why it is important to know how to take advantage of it. In that sense, the role played by makeup is irreplaceable. How should a luxury escort do her makeup? What tricks should you use? In this article we are going to answer these questions and we are going to detail what are the basic characteristics of an escort's makeup .

If there is a weapon that women use to enhance their beauty, it is makeup . A punctual touch of blush, a well-selected and painted eye line, a touch of highlighter, an eye shadow of a certain tonality, a dazzling lipstick... any small detail related to this magical and artistic profession can serve to that a not particularly stunning girl becomes a very attractive woman.

Having professional photos showing the best image is essential for escorts . These photos should serve to attract the attention of potential customers. This is achieved, to a large extent, thanks to a careful makeup task. Also, of course, with a good lighting job and with a photographic retouching task that should never be excessive.

A good accompaniment professional must ensure that the image shown in the photographic book of her profile does not differ excessively from the image that appears at the time of her appointment.

An escort can never go to an appointment with dark circles and emaciated skin. Your image should radiate beauty, security and class. For that, it will be necessary to have makeup products as varied as the base, the concealer, the eyeliners, the eyebrow pencils, etc.

Next we are going to explain how an escort should put on makeup to make the most of her natural attractions. Basically, the steps that these accompaniment professionals must follow are the same that any woman must follow when putting on makeup. The small details will be what make the difference between the makeup of a luxury companion and that of a woman who is dedicated to another trade.

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Steps to make up a luxury escort

As we have indicated before, putting on good makeup is very important for escort girls . It is when making the photo books of their profiles on the Internet and it is, logically, when going to meet their customers.

In what order should the different products be applied when applying makeup? In which we will indicate below, always bearing in mind that the skin of the face must be perfectly clean before applying any product. A good cleaning of the skin implies washing the face with water and neutral soap or, where appropriate, using what is known as micellar water.

Once the face has been properly washed, a good moisturizing cream should be applied to the skin of the face. This cosmetic, in addition to moisturizing the skin and, therefore, ensuring its health and helping to delay aging, will leave it prepared for makeup .

It should be applied in this order:

  1. Primer . This product is very necessary, especially in mature skin. What is it for? To blur fine lines and open pores.
  2. makeup base . The tone of the foundation should be similar to that of the skin.
  3. Concealer . With it, dark circles and pimples are concealed. Once applied, it should blend with the base, blending it well.
  4. Mattifying powders . Ideal for those luxury companions who have oily skin.
  5. Rouge . With them, the cheekbones are highlighted and the features are refined. A safe bet? Pink and peach tones. It must be applied with discretion.
  6. Illuminator . It should be applied in strategic areas such as the cheekbones or the arches of the eyebrows.
  7. Eye shadow . Very useful to highlight the look. It is customary to use lighter shades in the central part and in the tear duct and darker ones in the outer part of the mobile eyelid.
  8. Eyeliner or eye pencil.
  9. mascara s.
  10. lipstick .

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Escort makeup: mistakes to avoid

Once the order of application of the different products has been explained, we are going to collect a series of basic tips that a luxury companion should take into account when applying makeup.

The first tip is to buy waterproof makeup . If the escort must go on several outings or provide several services a day, it is advisable, in order not to be retouching every two or three, to buy that type of more resistant cosmetics.

The second advice has to do with the concepts of class and elegance. The excess of shadows or lipstick plays against these two ideas. The more of one or the other is applied, the easier it is for the makeup to "fall apart" after a service and the makeup task has to be done again.

Finally, we must never forget, when talking about how an escort should put on makeup , a basic concept in the world of makeup. That concept is "less is more". That is to say: applying more layers of paint does not make you more beautiful and attractive. And class and elegance are also a matter of measure. The excess does not fit in them.