Zukery.com: The Best Luxury Dating Website for SugarDating

Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Zukery.com Just hearing this name, lovers of Sugardating in Spain should be happy. Why? Because that is the name of a new website that allows you to locate sugar babies in Madrid and Barcelona.

Zukery was born with the idea of adding a note of quality, elegance and seriousness to a universe, that of dating websites, in which the controls do not always have the quality that would be desirable.

This new dating page with sugar babes guarantees that control in order to provide service and satisfaction to a type of user that is characterized by their purchasing power, their class, their education and their poise.

How does this site guarantee such quality? With manual controls carried out by experts in the sector and focusing its radius of action on the two large Spanish cities. Not in vain, it is in them where the best sugar babies in Spain are concentrated.

Zukery's name comes from a mixture in several languages of the word "sugar". Not surprisingly, it is precisely the word in the English language that is behind the word Sugar Baby . With that generic name, the girls who are advertised on the site are known.

Let's see below what a baby sugar is and, therefore, how is the type of girl that can be found on this website for "sugar dates".

Zukery Girl

What is a sugar baby?

Young, beautiful, educated and looking for a man with good purchasing power and with whom to help each other and share time. These are the characteristics or items that would serve to define a sugar babe .

Some people confuse sugar babes with escorts , but it should be noted that they are not the same. The escort has limited relationships with her client based on an equation of time and money. Sugar girls, on the other hand, are young women, generally of a liberal mentality, who like to date people who know how to value them.

Within the universe of Sugar Dating we can find different types of babys and different types of relationships. Although medium and long-term relationships and encounters in which the clock does not count are commonly sought, the truth is that the current rhythm of life does not sometimes allow very prolonged encounters, having to settle for babys and daddies ( Sugar Daddy is the name usually received by that mature and financially solvent man who seeks to relate to a sugar baby), with meetings and quick and furtive dates.

Commonly, this type of relationship tends to go beyond the always very tight limits of sporadic dating. It should not be understood, either, as a simple transaction in which a price is paid for something specific.

Among the wide variety of relationship types that can occur in the field of Sugardating, we can highlight the friendly ones (moral support is provided and fun is sought), the informal ones (they develop discontinuously), the open ones (both parties are open to other relationships) and the exclusive ones, which stand out for their seriousness and for establishing a stronger bond between the parties.

Whether they are more or less fast, more or less sneaky, more or less prolonged in time or more or less informal or exclusive, sugardating relationships must meet an essential requirement to be: they must be "Drama Free" relationships. What does that mean? That when they are over there is no need to mount any drama: you have to accept their end... period.


How does Zukery.com work?

This luxury dating website could be defined as a private club made up of subscribers and users.

Who is a subscriber? Any person who appears on the website and who incorporates into it:

  • Photos.
  • Videos.
  • Relevant information about her.
  • Ways to contact.
  • Content that is uploaded both to your personal wall and to the social network.

The user, on the other hand, is the person who, anonymously, visits Zukery. If she wants to meet a baby sugar, she can do so using the data that she, as a subscriber, provides in her profile.

What data does the subscriber provide in her profile? The following:

  • Name
  • Short presentation
  • Personal data (age, physical and nationality)
  • City in which it is located (Madrid or Barcelona)
  • Aspects for the meeting
  • Contact information (telephone, personal website, mail...)

The web, to complete the profile of the "zukery", includes a rating in the form of diamonds (from 1 to 4). What is the site indicating with those diamonds? The level of luxury that the baby likes. The more diamonds, the higher the demands of the subscriber. Thanks to this information, the web user can make a selection that best suits their expectations.

Website zukery.com

How to perform searches in Zukery

This luxury dating website allows its users to search by city. Once located in the Girls Madrid or Barcelona area, the site user can use the following filters:

  • Source
  • Languages
  • Age
  • Physical
  • profile type

Subscribers have the possibility to geolocate. Thanks to this, whoever looks at the web can know approximately where the sugar girl in question is. In its map section, the page also shows all those subscribers who have chosen to geolocate.

The user who wishes to know which are the latest profiles activated on the site will only have to go to the "News" section to find out.

Zukery also allows its users to choose their favorite profiles and discard those that are not of interest. To mark a profile as a favorite, just click on the heart that appears on it. To discard it, click on the trash can. By clicking on it, the profile photo disappears, although your data and access to it are maintained.

The user who wants to see all the profiles that he has selected as favorites will only have to click on the heart that appears at the bottom of the page.

As announced by the administrators of the page in an article on their Blog, www.zukery.com will have its own social network in the not too distant future. In it, subscribers will be able to post content (photos, videos, selfies, etc.), news will be reviewed and posts made by the website team will be published.

Without a doubt, Zukery.com was born with the intention of becoming, thanks to its originality, its quality, its design and, above all, its concept, the first exclusive social network for sugar babies in the world.

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