Strap-on sex: how to choose and use a sexual harness?

Monday, 09 January 2023

There are many sex toys that can be found on the market. Most of them can be used "alone" or in pairs. There is one, however, created especially for use as a couple. We are talking about the strap-on .

What is a strapon ? Also called a sexual harness , this adult toy is a kind of belt fitted with a dildo and can be used in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

There are not a few lesbians who use this erotic toy to simulate a heterosexual relationship with their partner. With it, a woman penetrates the other either vaginally or anally.

But the strap-on is not just a toy for lesbians. In fact, more and more hetero couples are using the strapon to exchange roles. In these cases, the woman puts on the penis harness to penetrate her male partner, who experiences all the pleasure derived from prostate stimulation .

This sexual practice in which the woman exercises the penetrating role over her male partner, who is anally penetrated, is called pegging .

Next we are going to see the different types of existing strap-on and how they should be used.


Types of strap-ons

As we have seen, the strap-on is a harness that, attached to the hip, has a dildo or dildo . This may already be built into the harness or it may be inserted into the harness.

In the wide market of erotic toys we can find different types of strap on:

  • Hollow dildo. In this type of strapon, the mold of the false penis is hollow. If it is used by a man actively, he only has to insert his penis into said mold. This type of sex toy is used either by men who suffer from some type of erectile dysfunction and have erection problems , or by those who try to simulate a larger phallus.
  • Realistic. The realistic strap-on is one in which the dildo has the shape of a real penis, with its swollen veins, glans, etc.
  • Double. In heterosexual relationships, this harness is used so that the woman, while penetrating the man, is stimulated vaginally. That is to say: at the same time that he penetrates, she is penetrated, being she the one that determines the rhythm and power of the double penetration that occurs when using it. This strap-on modality without a harness serves both to practice pegging and for lesbian relationships.

Vibrating dildos for our sexual harness can also be found on the market. If we choose a vibrator , it is preferable to choose it with different levels of vibration. Experimenting with the intensity of it is a good way to introduce a playful factor in the use of a strapon.

Once we have seen the basic types of strap-on that we can find on the market, we are going to see how these fantastic erotic toys should be used, among which the strap-on dildo is, as we have seen, just one more type.

Types of Strap On

How to wear a strap-on?

The first thing to take into account when using a strap-on is how we like to penetrate or, where appropriate, be penetrated. This will determine the type of toy to use.

Once the type of harness is chosen, we will have to choose the correct size of toy. When doing so we must remember a maxim: pleasure and comfort usually always go hand in hand. If we choose a toy that is uncomfortable to wear, we will not enjoy using it as much as if we choose one that is comfortable for us.

Another factor to take into account when choosing a sex toy with these characteristics is the material with which it is made. That it is soft is important, as it will guarantee more pleasant penetrations. It is also important to consider what type of material is most easily cleaned.

Once you have chosen the model and size, you have to put on the harness. This task is usually easy. You just have to make sure you adjust the side straps correctly but, yes, without tightening them too much.

Once the harness is placed, the dildo must be attached to it.

Many people, getting carried away by anxiety, believe that, at this point, the time has come to penetrate. Yes: but calmly, especially when it comes to anal penetration .

As we are used to explaining whenever we talk about anal sex , when practicing it, we must always keep in mind that the anus does not lubricate. That is why it is always advisable to use a generous amount of lubricant, as well as to massage that area so that the anal sphincter relaxes and can dilate better.

If when carrying out this type of practice we do not act with the indicated prudence and without haste, penetration can be painful.

Finding a sexual position that is comfortable and facilitates anal penetration is also very important for it to be pleasurable. Lying on your back with your knees bent over your chest is an ideal position for pegging . The traditional doggy style, too.

If the person who is penetrated is a woman, it must also be kept in mind that the dildo should never be inserted into the vagina after anal penetration. The rectum is an area of the body where bacteria proliferate and these could cause a nasty infection in the vagina if they access it.

Finally, we will emphasize a fundamental factor when talking about sex toys: their hygiene and cleanliness. A toy with these characteristics, and especially if it has been used for anal penetration, must be washed before and after use. I eat? With water and neutral soap.