Diletta Leotta naked and fucking: her sexiest and hottest photos

Thursday, 05 May 2022

Men like boobs . Sophia Loren, Salma Hayek, Jane Russell, Ursula Andress, Pamela Anderson... all of them were or are women endowed with powerful breasts. That is why the number of his followers is counted by millions. Diletta Leotta belongs to the lineage of these busty women.

Who is Diletta Leotta ? Surely the hottest TV presenter in all of Italy. A model who has spent several years broadcasting matches on the pitch of the first division of the Italian soccer league (Serie A), a hottie over 30 years of age who has at least two powerful reasons (each one located to one side of the sternum) to have become a television star.

It was those two powerful reasons that we talked about that made the grandstand of the southern goal of the Neapolitan Diego Armando Maradona stadium roar one day, before the presenter's proximity, "Fuori le tette!, fuori le tette!, fuori le tette!..." The expression needs no translation. We all speak a more or less different Latin.

And the thing is... how can we resist the attraction aroused in us by that pair of melons that always seem to be on the verge of breaking the containment of the blouse or t-shirt that tries to bridle them? And if the girl is already dazzling when she's dressed, how can she not do it with her breasts exposed?

Diletta Leotta nude is a hymn to sensuality, a monument to lust. The Sicilian, horny and unapologetic in her privacy, did not expect a hacker to enter her privacy one day to publish images of a Diletta Leotta as hot as she could be. Since that day, the Neapolitan is more than just a television presenter. It is an erotic myth, the cloudy dream of adolescents and not so adolescents. An obscure object of desire.

In those photos we're talking about, which went around Italy and a good part of the world, Diletta grabs her boobs, joins them, gropes them and shamelessly shows them to the camera while making faces and faces.

In these images we are talking about, the Italian star projects the image of a woman who feels very comfortable with her body and who experiences and conceives nudity as something very natural and, why not say it?, fun.

Diletta Leotta naked

A goddess on Instagram

Typing in the Diletta Leotta Instagram search engine means facing an endless catalog of hot photos of the Neapolitan presenter. In all poses, in all postures, with endless landscapes and background settings...

And it is that this blonde with light eyes is sexy to rage. Her Barbie body, her playful and provocative look and the power of those breasts with which the goddess Nature has adorned her make her a pure photogenic. Impossible that the camera does not fall in love with her. Impossible for us not to do it.

Diletta Leotta's boobs should be a World Heritage Site like many Italian monuments. What do the Vatican Palaces have that those tits don't? How is our member not going to get like the tower of Pisa when we contemplate those generous and exceptionally well-placed buffaloes? Looking at them and thinking of endless Cuban women is inevitable. The expression body ejaculation never made as much sense as looking at those wonderful breasts.

Diletta Leotta Boobs

But the breasts are not the only charm of this southern beauty. We have cited the beauty of her eyes. In them there is something of false innocence that is very morbid. They could well be the eyes of a young girl who is dying to stop being a virgin. What asks for cane? And we men like few things more than to see how virgins offer themselves to us. After all, breaking hymens is one of our deepest erotic fantasies.

And, of course, let's not forget Leotta's exceptional ass, that butt that takes your breath away. We have seen it, obscenely pompous, showing it all, in those stolen images we were talking about. In one of them, and using her cell phone and a mirror, the presenter offers us a wonderful view of her vulva, her anus and her butt. Cuenca must be in the background, but what Diletta offers us in the foreground is the Terrestrial Paradise.

Positioned on all fours, in doggy style, offering herself whole as shown in that image, this thirtysomething beauty resolves all the doubts that may arise when asking us: what should Diletta Leotta be like when fucking ?

Diletta Leotta fucking

Diletta Leotta porn

Talking about Diletta Leotta naked and fucking is talking about an indomitable filly who, smitten with desire, shows herself to be absolutely insatiable. And when we speak like this, we do so knowingly. We have seen how this young woman behaves with the things of sex and, certainly, you can not put a but.

More than a football match presenter, Leotta looks like a pornstar. Surely he knows more about blowjobs and buggers than offside.

The videos we are talking about show us a woman enjoying sex without complexes and leave no room for imagination. In one of them, the presenter smears her tits with cream and also smears her lover's cock to then, and with a sovereign blowjob, thoroughly clean it.

Seeing her given over to penetration begging her lover to fuck her makes us dream of her ass, her pussy and, of course, her lush tits. How can we not think of a wild fuck when we are faced with the aphrodisiac vision of this television and sex diva. We let you dream with us.

Diletta Leotta porn