Trampling: the art of stepping and dominating with the feet in BDSM

Trampling is a BDSM practice that involves one person stepping or standing on another. Know their types and how to practice this game of Domination and submission.


Tickling: the aphrodisiac power of erotic tickling

Ticking or erotic tickling is a practice with fetishistic connotations that can serve to liven up the couple's sexual life. Know its benefits.

Love Hotels

Rooms by hours for meetings of couples and lovers

Hourly rooms for intimate encounters are a good option for lovers and couples. Learn about the advantages, comforts and services of a Love Hotel.

Naked Spanish celebrities

The Spanish celebrities with the most followers: who are they?

Who are the famous Spanish celebrities with the most followers? Meet the most famous actresses, presenters, singers, athletes, vloggers and influencers in Spain.

Sofia Vergara

Latin women: the reasons for their beauty and sensuality

Latin women are some of the sexiest in the world. Because? Learn the reasons for the beauty, charm and sensuality of Latin American girls.

Brazilian women

Brazilian women: tropical sensuality, beauty and exoticism

Why are Brazilian women considered among the most beautiful on the planet? Why is a Brazilian girl sexy? Know the answer to these questions.

Russian escorts in Barcelona

Russian escorts: Eastern charm in Barcelona and Madrid

Russian escorts stand out for their charm and sweetness. Meet a Russian escort in Barcelona or Madrid and have an unforgettable experience. Don't treat them like luxury whores

safe sex

How to practice safe sex? STDs and condom use

How to practice safe sex? Sexual protection is the answer. The use of condoms reduces the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs.

Strap On

Strap-on sex: how to choose and use a sexual harness?

What is a strap-on? We explain what a sexual harness is, what types exist and we give you some basic advice on how to use a strapon.

Makeup and escorts

Makeup on a luxury escort

How should a luxury escort do her makeup? Learn about the makeup steps of an escort and the basic tips for applying products and avoiding mistakes.

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