Russian escorts: Eastern charm in Barcelona and Madrid

Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Russia is in fashion. Everyone talks about her. The pity is that it is done for sad and worrying reasons. Hopefully these times pass and we can talk about the great Eurasian nation for much more pleasant issues. Of the unquestionable beauty of its females, for example. And it is that Russian women have a special charm, typically Slavic, that is irresistibly attractive.

Perhaps we must thank the Bolsheviks who, led by Lenin, forced many families of the Russian aristocracy and bourgeoisie to emigrate from their country at the beginning of the 20th century. This meant that in many European cities it was possible to see for the first time what the women of the East were like.

The crush experienced by many men in cities like Barcelona or Madrid at that time is still fully valid today. The Russians , banners of Slavic beauty , continue to break hearts with their own presence.

Talking about the attractiveness of Russian women in particular inevitably means talking about the attractiveness of Slavic women in general.

If we review the history of Eastern Europe we can distinguish three large groups of Slavic peoples:

  • Westerners: Poles, Czechs and Slovaks.
  • Orientals: Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians.
  • Southern or Balkan: Serbs, Croats, Bulgarians, Macedonians and some others.

Although all these towns have similar racial characteristics, the truth is that the women who stand out among them for their beauty and charm are the Russian , Belarusian and Ukrainian escorts.

We are going to talk about the general characteristics that identify the charm of Russian women below.

Russian escorts in Madrid

The beauty of Russian women

Miscegenation has always been good for beauty. Russia, the largest country in the world, has been throughout its history a living laboratory for mixing races and ethnic groups.

Tatars, Armenians, Jews, Ossetians, Bashkirs, Mordvins, Yakuts, Pomors, Karelians have lived in Russia... The list could be endless if we look back and review the names of the nationalities that have trodden at some point in history the Russian territory. It is said that more than 190.

The mixture of blood derived from this historical reality has allowed many current inhabitants of this immense country to possess a very unusual and therefore striking combination of features.

At the same time, this random and time-continued combination of very different bloodlines has made diversity one of the main characteristics of Slavic beauty. Thus, we can find women from Russia with blue, green or gray eyes of more or less intense tones. Blondes, chestnuts, brunettes, with a straight nose with classical or sympathetically upturned resonances... the variety can be endless.

This would be the first reason that would explain the charm and beauty of many Eastern girls born in the same country where Tolstoy, Princess Anastasia, Tsar Nicholas, Dostoyevski, Rudolf Nureyev, Stalin, Stravinsky or Vladimir were born in their day. Putin.

Russian escort

Meet Russian escorts in Barcelona or Madrid

The second factor that would explain the beauty of Russian girls would have to do with the weather. The typical tan of the southern European countries is very attractive. Nobody denies it. But exposure to the sun usually weakens the skin and reduces its freshness and elasticity.

Slavic girls in general and those born in Russia in particular do not have to worry about that when they reside in their country. There the sun does not punish with as much intensity as it does in more southern countries. The cold typical of their land helps to preserve their skin and delay the aging of their cells. As a rule, a mature Russian woman looks younger than a mature woman from another country. And all thanks to the appearance of her complexion.

Cosmetic care plays a vital role in maintaining that smooth and soft appearance of the skin. Young Russian girls quickly get into the habit of using moisturizing creams to prevent the cold of their land from drying out their skin.

Russian women

The effort they put into taking care of their appearance is the third reason that would serve to explain the undoubted charm and attractiveness of a Russian escort . Made up, with heels, elegantly dressed... This is how they usually present themselves to the public.

Highlighting their femininity is one of the goals of Russian VIPs when they dress up. Irina Shayk, a world-famous Russian model , summed up in one sentence much of the reason for the attractiveness of her compatriots: "in my country, women always invest a lot of time in maintaining their beauty. In Russia it is very common to take care of their physical appearance. Add to natural beauty makeup and clothing. Add to that what we call personal charm and you have everything you need."

If an authentic beauty full of sensuality such as the famous model who in her day was Cristiano Ronaldo's partner says that... who are we to make amends for her? The Slavic beauty is characterized by that mixture of icy appearance and heart of fire that it is inevitable to surrender at her feet. That is why, without a doubt, it is why so many men look out into the ocean of the internet looking for Russian whores in Barcelona or Madrid.

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