Chinese balls: what they are, what they are for and how to use them

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Chinese balls are surely one of the most humble erotic items that exist, but they are also one of the most useful. We are going to explain why. When you find out, surely (if you are a girl) you will decide to have some on hand as soon as possible. On the contrary, if you are a boy, we are sure that it will take very little time to buy some for your partner.

This erotic item consists of two balls joined together and ending in a string. As the two spheres are intended to be inserted into the vagina, the string (like a Tampax) will help to remove them from it. Inside each of these two balls there is a small metal ball.

According to legend, it was an Asian emperor who was responsible for the birth of this contraption. Wishing that his concubines would be perfectly lubricated when he claimed them, he ordered the creation of a sexual instrument that would serve to do so. The result of this request were Chinese balls.

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What are Chinese balls for?

The first function of this instrument is to strengthen the vaginal muscles. Using them, the vagina gains in health and that results in an increase in pleasure when enjoying sexual relations. Sex is much better with well-toned pelvic muscles.

Orgasms are longer and more intense with a well toned and strengthened pelvic floor. In addition, urinary incontinence will be avoided and the sexual sensitivity that is usually lost after a long delivery will be recovered more quickly.

A second function of this humble sex play is to significantly improve vaginal lubrication. How do they get it? The metal balls cause the spheres that contain them to move inside the vagina, hit its walls and that, in the short term, improves blood circulation in the area. This improvement in blood flow directly and positively influences the level of lubrication.

Third, this sex toy can also be used for couples to play with. Putting them on and taking them off can be a good way to have fun and increase the couple's temperature.

Remote-controlled Chinese balls , for example, can be a lot of fun. The guy can use them to "torture" his girl while she is wearing them and both are, for example, at a dinner with people, at a family reunion, at the movies, on a visit to a museum...

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What size, weight and material to choose?

The size and weight of Chinese balls is one of the great doubts that women who are going to use them for the first time always have. We will tell these women that the most common size is 35 mm in diameter. There are smaller models, for example, for girls who have not yet given birth or for women who, for whatever reason, find them more comfortable.

The most important thing, when choosing an item of this type, is to choose a size that stays well and does not fall off. Thus, at the beginning it is recommended to choose balls of a larger size and with less weight. Once the area has been exercised, balls with a greater weight will be sought.

Regarding the material, the most recommended by sexologists and sexual therapists are silicone or medical grade ABS/PC. Its hypoallergenic character is a guarantee of hygiene. The erotic toys made with these two materials do not cause dermatological alterations or irritations.

Two materials to avoid are plastic and yarn. Both one and the other can contain bacteria.

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How to use them?

Knowing its functions and the characteristics of the device that you should buy, you will surely ask yourself: how to use Chinese balls?

The first thing you should be clear about when using them is that, like all sex toys intended to be inserted into the vagina, they should be used with a good lubricant at hand.

In the market you can find many types of intimate lubricants , but we always recommend using a water-based one. Silicone ones are not recommended for a simple reason. Usually this type of sexual articles are made with silicone (they are, at least, the most recommended). And one of the laws of intimate lubrication tells us that silicone lubricants should never be used with adult toys made from the same material.

Choosing the right lubricant, we will put a few drops of it on the end of the Chinese ball that is going to be introduced first. To do this, the girl must find the position that suits her best: sitting, standing, squatting... That, to everyone's taste.

Once placed inside, the girl will have the feeling that the balls are going to fall. They will not. Why? Because the vaginal walls will contract. And that, precisely, is what is pursued when using this little toy. That contracting of the vaginal walls is precisely the exercise that is pursued when using this device. With it, the pelvic floor will be strengthened.

To increase this effect it is necessary to avoid, at all times, sitting or lying down. Walking, moving or simply standing is the best way to enhance the effect of this wonderful device.

How many times a week do you have to do this type of exercise with Chinese balls ? Two or three times should be enough. It is also not necessary to use them every day. After all, this is a physical exercise, and any type of physical exercise should not be abused. After all, the abuse of it could end up causing an overload of the pelvic muscles, stiffness and, in the most extreme cases, injuries.

Once the exercise is over, all you have to do is pull the cord, wash them properly (water and neutral soap are usually enough) and store them in the appropriate cover once they are completely dry.

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