Barcelona singles venues: Snooker, Mirablau, Bing Bang Bar ...

Monday, 22 November 2021

Being single is not what it used to be. Luckily for those without a partner. Not too long ago, a bachelor was something of a failure, someone who had not met the goals of a "normal" life. Now singles are even looked at with envy.

To see to what extent the public image of the bachelor has changed, it is enough to check what he was called before and what he is called now. What used to be, for many people, a bachelor, is now a single . The glamor and the chic and international touch of the word itself already indicates a notable improvement in the public image of those who have no partner or commitment.

That envied image of the single gains brilliance, especially in big cities. So much so that there is even a remarkable list of bars and venues aimed directly at this type of audience.

Barcelona, as a cosmopolitan city that it is, could not fail to offer a wide range of leisure venues ideal for singles of both sexes. In this article we are going to make a list of the best bars for singles in Barcelona .

If you are a single and you want to visit some place where you can enjoy a meeting of singles and single women , in any of the places that we are going to name below you can do it.

The best singles bars in Barcelona


Talking about Snooker is talking about one of the most traditional Barcelona singles venues in the city. Located at number 42 Carrer Roger de Llúria, next to Gran Via, in the Eixample district , this cocktail bar offers a complete menu of delicious cocktails, one of the largest collections of spirits in the world (with more than 3,000 references) and the possibility of playing pool or table football while enjoying a drink.

A marked English style permeates the decoration of this bar for singles in Barcelona, which, opened in 1985, received at the time the FAD Prize for Architecture and Interior Design.

This unique and emblematic cocktail bar in Barcelona is an ideal place to celebrate a party or event.

Snooker Barcelona

Big bang bar

The Big Bang Bar , located at number 7 Bottle Street, in the heart of the Raval neighborhood, is another of the places for singles in the Catalan capital where you can enjoy a good session of live music.

Concerts and jam sessions are scheduled weekly in this space. What from the beginning of the 20th century was a tavern through which all kinds of customers and musicians passed through the years, is today a faithful reflection of the effort of people who have fought to maintain spaces in which to be able to enjoy non-canned music and in which to give opportunities to those musicians who need an audience to offer their art.

Music lovers from the Catalan capital have the address of this singles bar Barcelona noted on their agenda, and so do lovers of exhibitions, dance, poetry ... Big Bang Bar even offers its customers, movie screenings.

Big Bang Bar also offers the possibility of renting the premises for private parties.

Big bang bar


Right next to the Tibidabo funicular station, in Plaça del Doctor Andreu, is Mirablau . With a wonderful panoramic terrace from which you can contemplate an impressive view of the Catalan capital, this is one of the most emblematic bars for singles in Barcelona in the city.

During the day, Mirablau is a restaurant and an ideal place to savor a vermouth, some wonderful tapas or any gastronomic wonder that makes up a menu in which creative cuisine shines with its own light. Being able to savor the gastronomic offer of this place for singles in Barcelona in a casual and urban environment places Mirablau in the top ten of the cocktail bars in Barcelona.

At night, the place offers three rooms: the Disco Room (for dancing and relaxing), the Panoramic Room (where the restaurant is located) and the Superior Room. In this last room, singles from Barcelona can enjoy a careful selection of chill-out music, as well as current hits and great classics from the 60s to the 90s.

Mirablau Barcelona

Alpha Bar

Singles who love live music have a date at Alfa Bar . This is one of the most traditional, fun and entertaining local singles in Barcelona .

Open since 1991, Alfa Bar is an ideal place to enjoy the performances of emerging marching bands. Excellent takeovers and a fantastic atmosphere make it one of the landmarks of the ever-lively and attractive Gràcia neighborhood.

This cocktail bar is located at number 36 Gran de Gràcia street.

Le noire

At 158 Calle Aribau, in Esquerra del Eixample , located just a few steps from Avenida Diagonal, you will find Le Noire , one of the liveliest bars and cocktail bars of the Barcelona nightlife.

Served on silverware, Le Noire's signature cocktails become a delicacy made for the most epicurean singles. Experts in modern cocktails, in the menu of this bar we find surprising suggestions such as Mex-Italy, Cala Sabina or Shifu; as well as great cocktails classics such as the mojito, the Dry Martini, the Manhattan or the Cosmopolitan.

One of Le Noire's most original offers for its customers is its infused, cocktails made with infusions. Among them, for example, the Regina Green Tea stands out. Gin and tonics and premium drinks complete the drink offer at this exclusive Barcelonan cocktail bar where you can enjoy good music, elegant service and the always striking working flair show . Like the Tom Cruise in Cocktail , the bartenders juggle bottles.

Without a doubt, an excellent place to enjoy dating in Barcelona .

Single Barcelona

The George Payne

The George Payne is an Irish pub that is located in one of the most central places in the Catalan capital: Urquinaona square. For some time now, this place has been on the agenda of all singles in Barcelona . Not surprisingly, the largest group of singles in the Catalan capital Singles Barcelona , organizes activities and kedadas there .

The get-togethers organized by Singles Barcelona in this pub are an exceptional occasion for singles who live in the city or are passing through to find themselves in a fun and relaxed atmosphere in which, in addition, they can enjoy a very complete menu of burgers.

Duvet Barcelona

Every Barcelonan of a minimum age knows what Imperator was, one of the most famous and traditional dance halls in the Catalan capital. Well, the space that Imperator used to occupy at number 327 Còrsega street, a stone's throw from Passeig de Gràcia, is today occupied by Duvet Barcelona , one of the most popular singles venues in Barcelona.

Nostalgic singles find their paradise in Duvet. Its retro decoration and its musical selection make it the ideal place for them. Within that selection the great successes of the nineties predominate.

Those who prefer electronic music should visit the venue on Fridays. On that day, with the weekend already taking place, this Barcelona singles disco programs parties with an international atmosphere in which this type of music predominates.

One day of the week, Duvet makes a habit of scheduling dance classes . Dance classes can be a good plan for that single that wants to meet girls . Flirting in dance classes is a classic and the doors to this kind of relaxed and fun atmosphere are wide open in this central Barcelona venue.

Singles Barcelona