What is and how to squirt: female ejaculation

Monday, 03 January 2022

For many centuries, female sexuality was a taboo subject. The woman's pleasure was something that was not talked about. The sexual relationship between a man and a woman was viewed plain and simple from a perspective in which the important thing was the man. It was her pleasure that counted and hers was the initiative that led to the sexual act. The clitoris was a great unknown and the female orgasm somewhat secondary. Thus, words like squirting squirt or simply did not exist.

What is squirting? With this Anglo-Saxon term we refer to the ejection of a transparent and odorless liquid that some women expel or may expel during sexual arousal. In some cases, this phenomenon occurs just at the moment of orgasm. In others, just before climaxing.

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Many people associate this phenomenon with the fact that women experience particularly intense pleasure during sexual intercourse. Most of these people also compare this ejection with male ejaculation. For those people, squirting would come to be, in a way, the Anglo-Saxon term used to define female ejaculation .

Our question is: is it correct who equates the two phenomena? The answer is resounding: no. Female ejaculation is not the same as squirting. They are different phenomena. Now we will explain why.


Differences between squirting and female ejaculation

The progressive knowledge of female sexuality and its mechanisms has made it possible to discover that, during arousal and sexual activity, women secrete different types of fluids.

Among the fluids generated by the vagina we find that of that fluid that, in sexual intercourse, acts as a lubricant and facilitates penetration. The ejection process of this fluid is triggered when the woman experiences sexual desire.

The fluid that is expelled during squirting, on the other hand, is a liquid formed by very dilute urine and is expelled through the urethra. This great dissolution of urine is what makes the expelled liquid odorless or colorless. This liquid is the result of the joint stimulation of the area formed by the clitoris, vagina and urethra.

Finally, the fluid that characterizes and is produced during female ejaculation is more viscous and whitish in color. In that sense, it is more similar to semen, the result of male ejaculation.

Both types of fluids can be produced immediately before or during orgasm and both are generated unconsciously, although they do so in different organs. Thus, while the squirt's own fluid comes from the bladder, that of female ejaculation comes from the Skene glands . These, located on both sides of the urethra, are also called the paraurethral and urethral glands .

Another big difference between the two types of fluids lies in the amount of fluid expelled. In the case of ejaculation, that amount can be very small. In the case of squirting, it is much more abundant.

When talking about this phenomenon, it must be borne in mind that not many women experience or have ever experienced this phenomenon. The statistics speak of a percentage between 15 and 55%. Should this worry someone who has never experienced it? Absolutely. Not experiencing this phenomenon should never be associated with suffering from some type of sexual dysfunction. Nor to the fact of having less pleasant orgasms.

Despite this, many people wonder how to squirt . In the next section we will try to explain it.

Female ejaculation

How to squirt?

To achieve this type of fluid ejection through the urethra, it is necessary to fulfill, above all, an essential requirement: that of being relaxed. The woman who wishes to experience this phenomenon should relax her mind and let herself go. The main objective of this relaxation is to enjoy each stimulation. Enjoying them to the fullest.

The second piece of advice is this: if you want to achieve a sexual goal, don't overthink it. Obsessing over reaching a goal is usually the shortest way out.

At this point, we recommend using the intimate lubricant. A good lubricant will serve to increase the sensitivity of the G zone and to make any type of stimulation more intense and pleasant.

How should the stimulation be during this process? It must be based, above all, on experimentation. We advise changing the rhythm and the way of stimulating, always looking for what is most pleasant. The concept of experimenting, of course, includes using some kind of sex toy . In this sense, G-spot dildos and vibrators can be very useful for experimentation and for increasing the intensity and effectiveness of stimulation.

To achieve squirting, the stimulation must act at the same time on the area or G-spot and on the clitoris.

If the stimulation works, it is very likely that the woman will feel like urinating. Don't worry about it. What's more: be happy. That feeling comes across as an indicative sign. The woman who experiences the urge to urinate after receiving this type of stimulation is because she is close to squirting.

A good way to increase the intensity of the stimulation and, with it, the arousal, is to vary your posture. There are postures that allow a greater stimulation of the G zone and that, therefore, facilitate reaching the squirt.

Our last advice is this: all this we have said should be done in a playful way. That is to say: you have to do it as if you were playing. Obsessing over getting it, as we have indicated above, takes us away from the goal.

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We hope we have clarified all your doubts about this phenomenon.

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